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The Vivace International Piano Competition North America Competition opens to pianists ages 18 and under who are residents of the United States and Canada.


Division 1: ages 5 and under 

Division 2: ages 6-7

Division 3: ages 8-9 

Division 4: ages 10-12 

Division 5: ages 13-15 

Division 6: ages 16-18 

Age requirements apply to the applicant’s age as of April 1, 2021.


First Round

--Applicants are required to perform one or more works for solo piano within the time limit.   

--Each applicant will be allotted the following amount of time for the performance of the ENTIRE VIDEO:

         Division 1: max. 6 minutes

         Division 2: max. 6 minutes

         Division 3: max. 8 minutes

         Division 4: max. 10 minutes

         Division 5: max. 12 minutes

         Division 6: max. 15 minutes

Final Round

--The finalists from all divisions are required to perform only one work that shows virtuosity within                     15 minutes.  Repertoire from the First Round may not be repeated.




--Original compositions and improvisations are not permitted.

--Repeats may be played at the discretion of the performer, but are not required. 

--Applicants may perform with or without sheet music. Performing from memory is encouraged, but not                 required.

Video Submission

--Applicants will be required to upload only one video for the First Round to YouTube. (Applicants may perform one     or more pieces in one video within the time limit.) 

--The videos must be filmed with both the pianist’s face and hands in the frame at all times.

--The videos must be continuous and unedited performance.

--Applicants will be required to name the title of the YouTube videos as:


   Example: VIPC-Divison 5-Jessica Wang-First Round-Mozart Piano Sonata in D Major K. 311 

--Contestants should wear their best performance attire.

--The Finalist will be required to upload another video for the Final Round after the results announcement of the        First Round.


--Evaluations for each round of the competition made by the jury committees are final.

--Grading System of the First Round:

    First Prize: above 90 points

    Second Prize: above 80 points

    Third Prize: above 70 points

    Potential Prize: above 60 points

--All participants will receive constructive feedback from world-renowned pianists.

--The top 3 pianists who get the highest points from each division will be selected to participate in the

  Final Round Live Concert.       There will be a total of 18 finalists from 6 divisions.

--Gold Awards, Silver Awards, and Bronze Awards of each division will be announced right after all             performances on the Final Round Live Concert. Based on the points received.

--Vivace International Piano Competition reserves the right to use the video recordings submitted for                   marketing purposes. No extra fee will be paid to the applicants.

--Vivace International Piano Competition reserves the right to the interpretation of the Terms and Conditions       of the Regulations.

Application Procedure

--Applicants must complete and submit the full application on the Apply page.

--A NON-REFUNDABLE application fee must be paid at the time of application submission.

         Division 1: $60 USD

         Division 2: $60 USD

         Division 3: $70 USD

         Division 4: $80 USD

         Division 5: $90 USD

         Division 6: $100 USD

--There is no additional fee for the Final Round.   

--The application fee has to be sent to Vivace International Piano Competition's official        account by using the following payment methods:

Quickpay/Zelle: 9293196777  Long Island Music Conservatory


Venmo: 9293196777

PayPal: xiaotong.w@nylimc.com

Please make sure you provide the applicant's name when sending the fee!

(We highly suggest applicants to use Quickpay/Zelle or Venmo if possible.)


--A confirmation email will be sent once an applicant’s complete application has been          received. Your application will be considered as completed after we receive your application fee.

Questions? Please email Baichao.Lan@nylimc.com