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Immerse yourself in an intensive education within a dynamic and supportive community of musicians, while receiving the direction and training to develop your artistry, and perform as a soloist or in ensembles of all sizes and styles. 

The musical program in the Long Island Music Conservatory brings together an extraordinary resident faculty and exemplary instruments and studios in an ideal setting for the training and nurturing of talented young classical

musicians, enabling each to find their own unique musical voice.

Multiple curricula are based on a commitment  to excellence that makes the classical program in the LIMC one of the most exciting programs in New York State. 

The instrumental performance program is built upon substantial performance opportunities, masterclasses, including solo, chamber, and orchestral performance. 

Pre-College Programs

The mission of the Precollege is to enrich students’ lives and to nurture the next generation of professional musicians, arts and civic leaders, as well as future audience members and patrons of the arts. The established music curriculum supports those students wishing to enter a college music conservatory training program and also those pursuing higher education degrees in other areas. The goal of the Precollege is not only to provide comprehensive and rigorous music instruction; it is also to promote an atmosphere of warmth and support, one that encourages all students to achieve their greatest potential.
Long Island Music Conservatory's pre-college training program for talented musicians aged 5 to 18,
held on Monday to Sunday during the school year. 

Instruction  throughout the school year includes a weekly private lesson and classes such as theory, ear training,  orchestra, chorus, and conducting. Students also take part in numerous performances held in our various recital halls.
The LIMC provides Pre-college Programs in
Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Flute, Voice, Conducting. 

Private Lessons

Private lesson instruction can start at any time during the school year or the summer. Many families choose to begin lessons at LIMC at the beginning of a new school year or at anytime during a semester. We recommend starting at the time that is best for you and your family.

The LIMC provides personalized Private Lessons programs in Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Flute, Voice, Conducting. 


Music Theory
History of Music
Global leadership and Music Business

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