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VIVACE France International Piano Competition is a top-level international competition sponsored by the Association de la Pratique Artistique Sino-Française (A.P.A.). The competition aims to promote the Sino-French mutual relationship as well as stimulate the exchange and cooperation between China and France’s music & art talent.

  • Internationality

The competition is open to applications worldwide, so contestants all over the world can compete for the winning prize of 4,000 Euros. Preliminary and intermediary contests will be held in more than 30 provinces or cities both in China and abroad, and the final will be held in the world-renowned Salle Cortot music hall in Paris. During the finals period, sponsors will hold a series of activities like piano concerts, master classes, and castle/manor concerts. Afterwards, competitors will take a “trip of musical art discovery” in Paris and other tourist cities.

  • Authority

Leading pianists and educators will serve as judges. Both competitors and their music teachers may get to experience face-to-face tutoring by international masters. The competition is intended to promote musicians learning from each other, broadening their international perspectives, enhancing their professional skills, deepening cooperation and exchange, and to discovering new talented pianists from around the world.

  • Professional

The competition is lucky to be fully supported by world-renowned ENMP. Contestants who do well in the finals will get the opportunity to study in top-level music schools like ENMP and CRR, etc..


Sino-French Artistic Practice Association (A.P.A.) (Association de la Pratique Artistique Sino-Française) was founded and registered at the Paris Police Prefecture (Registery Number: W751254327). Gathering honored artists and scholars who have graduated from top-level universities of China and France, the association aims to build a bridge for deep art communications between these two countries. The association plans, manages, and hosts cultural exchange activities to boost cultural prosperity in both China and France.

Cofounded by Philharmonic Union (Tianjin) Culture Communication Ltd., the association holds the VIVACE France International Piano Competition, and the competition is open to worldwide talent. The competition is supported by the world-famous school ENMP, and the final competition will be held at the renowned Salle Cortot based in Paris. Those who show exceptional talent in the finals will have the opportunity to study further in top-level music schools.

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North America Committee

Artistic Director: Baichao Lan

Executive Director: Xiaotong Wang

Canadian Coordinator: Han-Xiang Xu

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