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Piano/Violin/Viola/Cello/Piccolo/Flute/Vocal/Solfeggio/Music Theory/Music History

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♪ Dr.Wang Violin Workshop

Long Island Music Conservatory is happy to offer a choir class that all students are eligible to sing in. Our choir will be led by our esteemed faculty and students will have the opportunity to perform twice throughout the school year. 

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A unique private partnership between the members of the steinway&son and the New York City Department of Education, LIMC. We teach music as a core subject, offer musical training including private instrumental lessons and music theory. Classes are offered during the regular school day throughout the year. LIMC stimulates appreciation and participation in music through music performance and education in ways that awaken the imagination of performers, students, teachers, and the public at large.

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We are the exam center of the ABRSM in New York. The ABRSM is the TK's largest music education body, one of its largest music publishers, and the world's leading provider of music exams, offering assessments to more than 630,000 candidates in 93 countries every year.


Xiaotong Wang

Artistic Director, Violin Faculty

P.H.D of Moscow Conservatory

Russia Phiharmonic Life-Long Performer


Hui Wang

President, Violin Faculty

Winner of China Golden Bell Award

First Prize in the 21st Century Young Performers

International Competition

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Long Island Music Conservatory empowers the most talented young classical music students to fulfill their potential and make their dreams come true. The moment a student walks in, the infinite possibilities expand, like a tessellation of opportunity. Our program is designed for professional and amateur students with passion who wish to study music.

We pride ourselves on mentorship from an esteemed faculty, exposure to transformative programs and visiting artists, access to exemplary facilities, and countless opportunities to perform on campus and beyond. We provide the intense, complete, and practical training required to accomplish even the most ambitious musical goals.